Listen with myAudeo™

What is myAudeo™?

What is myAudeo™?

myAudeo™ is a wearable sound amplification device engineered to deliver a personalized listening experience.

myAudeo's™ unique dual mode feature lets you switch seamlessly from media to conversation mode.

With a touch of a button you can switch from hearing the audio of your favorite TV program to hearing the conversation in the room, each at the volume you desire.

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Media Control

Media Control

myAudeo™ gives you the control to tailor your media listening preferences. Simply connect the base unit to the media source – TV, media, or stereo. With 2.4GHz wireless transmission, you can expect instantaneous sound pick-up by the receiver unit.

Plug in your favourite headphones to the receiver unit and have personal volume amplification right at your fingertips.
Now, you can watch TV at the volume that you like without disturbing others in the room.

Conversation Mode

Conversation Mode

Let myAudeo™ bring you into the conversation at the dinner table.

myAudeo™ has a built-in microphone in the receiver unit to amplify the conversation you want to hear and dampen the distracting background noise.


  • Sound control

    Four Preset Equalizer settings to cater to different listening environments

  • Sound modes

    Dual sound feature lets you switch between media or conversation sound mode.

  • Long-lasting battery

    Up to 6 hours battery life after a full charge. LED light on the receiver unit signals when the batteries are low.

  • Wireless

    No sound delay with 2.4GHz low latency wireless transmission

  • Multiple myAudeo™ users

    Multiple Receiver Units can be connected to the Base Unit simultaneously allowing multiple users to customize their volume for the same TV show.

  • Lightweight at only 40 g

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Can you hook up multiple myAudeo™ receivers to one base station?

Yes, you absolutely can! myAudeo™ was designed with flexibility in mind so multiple (4) receivers could be hooked up to a single base station.

What is the transmission range when hooked up to the TV/Media?

myAudeo™ can be detected up to 10 meters.

How often do you need to charge the myAudeo™?

myAudeo™ can last up to 6 hours after a full charge of 3 hours.

What makes myAudeo™ different than other products on the market?

With myAudeo's™ 2.4 GHz low latency wireless feature, there is an unnoticeable sound delay (24 ms) allowing for maximum HI-Fi sound quality. Also have a built-in electronic microphone in the receiver unit to amplify at conversation mode.

Any suggested application usage?

You can use at living room or bed-time watching TV/Media without interrupting other people. You also can do kitchen or gardening work while hearing TV/Media.