How Does myAudeo™ Work?

Overview from myAudeo on Vimeo.

It is simple to use and is compatible with any source with an RCA input, including your TV, laptop, tablet, cellphone and stereo system. When the source is connected to the Base Station, the user can customize their sound through a pair of headphones.



  • myAudeo™ has the ability to switch between two operating modes (media and conversation modes) with a push of a button.  
  • Transmission speed of 2.4 GHz means that there is no sound delay.
  • Range of up to 10 metres
  • Multiple myAudeo™ receivers can be hooked up to a single base station to allow multiple users to enjoy the experience of controlling their personalized sound. 

  • Operating Modes:
    1. Media Mode: User can use myAudeo™ to personalize their sound with headphones and not disturb others. 
    2. Conversation Mode: User can use myAudeo's™ built-in microphone to amplify the conversation and dampen background ambient sound. 
    There are two dials on the myAudeo™ receiver that allows the use to control the sound: 
    1. Volume: User can control the volume level by turning the dial left (quieter) or turning the dial right (louder)
    2. Equalization: User can control the balance between four preset frequency profiles.


    Model myAudeo 8081
    TV Operating Mode, Ambient Mode, 
    Sleep Mode
    Multiple Users

    Base Station can be paired with up to 4 myAudeo Receivers

    Transmission Distance

    Up to 10 metres


    Yes, built into the myAudeo Receiver

    Pairing Compatibility

    Automatic pairing with Base Station

    Sound Input RCA Cable
    Volume Tuning Yes
    EQ Tuning Yes
    Headphone Compatible with any headphones
    Charging Charge at Base Station or through USB
    Battery Life 6 hours after a full charge of 2.5 hours
    Sound Performance
    Less than 20 ms delay
    Normal Working Conditions

    Temperature: 0ºC - 38ºC

    Humidity: ≤ 80%

    Power Source

    110V - 220V AC

    Standards CE, FCC
    Warranty 2 years